Establishing internationally valid measurements for surgical care to define good patient outcomes and improve our healthcare system.

8th of June, 2pm CET: Opening for registration
10th of June, 6pm CET: End of Conference (Panel Discussions, Special Lectures, Social Events)
11th of June: Closed Jury Deliberation (closed to the Public)

The international consensus conference OUTCOME4MEDICINE has the ambitious goal to unite medical opinions worldwide on how outcomes after medical interventions should be assessed, interpreted, and communicated.

The consensus conference addresses a highly relevant topic in today’s medicine, that is how to measure the results of surgical and medical interventions. Postoperative complications are one of the leading causes for death, only exceeded by ischemic heart disease and stroke. Establishing valued, applicable, and evidence-based endpoints to measure quality after surgery is key in reducing this unnecessary high burden of fatalities, cost, and loss of quality of life for the population.

The conference will follow a successful format that includes an extensive preparation of the evidence reports by experts conducted in 9 panels that represent different perspectives, followed by the actual consensus meeting. At the meeting the panels will present their findings in individual sessions and answer questions from the jury and audience. The jury members were selected for their various and complementary profiles but without direct background in outcome research to provide unbiased final statements.